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Cowboy Poetry Gathering 2013

November 1 and 2

Friday, November 1
Daytime programs: 1 - 5 pm • Evening performance: 7 - 9 pm

Saturday, November 2
Daytime programs: 10 am - 5 pm • Evening performance: 7 - 9 pm

Whitman Educational Center • 4th and Ute, Downtown Grand Junction

Lil Bit


The first weekend in November is approaching and that means it's Cowboy Poetry Time at the Museum of Western Colorado! We are trying out some new ideas this year and hope you'll stop by to share in the fun. For instance, this year's daytime programs will feature themed sessions. Each performer will be asked to come up with poems and songs that fit into the theme. Here are some examples of what we are thinking.



Friday, November 1
1 pm Gather Round-The Cowboy Code
Jerry Brooks host, Don Wynkoop, Megan Bell, Tim Krebs, Ray Lashley, Tom Sharpe
2 pm True Stories or Tall Tales (you be the judge)
Nona Carver host, Al Albrethsen, Terry Nash, Peggy Malone, Floyd Beard, Deb Bukala
3 pm Open Session
Al Albrethsen and Ray Lashley hosts
4 pm The Long Ones and Happy Hour with coffee and cookies!
Tom Sharpe, Slim Farnsworth, Jerry Brooks
7 pm Yesterday's Poems and Songs
Jerry Brooks, Terry Nash, Almeda Bradshaw, Tom Sharpe, Slim Farnsworth, Suzi Knight

Saturday, November2
10 am Adventures in Roping
Slim Farnsworth host, Al Albrethsen, Megan Bell, Suzi Knight
11 am The Cow in Poetry
Don Wynkoop host, Megan Bell, Ray Lashley, Almeda Bradshaw, Floyd Beard
Noon Famous Wrecks (and some not so famous)
Terry Nash host, Al Albrethsen, Ray Lashley, Slim Farnsworth, Nona Carver
1 pm Ode to the Horse
Deb Bukala host, Jerry Brooks, Megan Bell, Almeda Bradshaw, Tim Krebs
2 pm Open Session
Suzi Knight and Peggy Malone hosts
3 pm Empty Saddles
Tom Sharpe host
4 pm First Poems/Songs/By Request and Happy Hour with coffee and cookies!
Al Albrethsen, Don Wynkoop, Megan Bell, Ray Lashley, Jerry Brooks, Terry Nash, Almeda Bradshaw, Suzi Knight, Floyd Beard, Nona Carver, Peggy Malone, Tim Krebs, Deb Bukala
7 pm At the Home Place
Nona Carver, Floyd Beard, Peggy Malone, Tim Krebs, Don Wynkoop, Deb Bukala


Daytime programs:

$2 suggested donation

Evening performances:



2013 Poets and Performers


Al Albrethsen - Grand Junction

Floyd Beard - Ramah

Megan Bell - Delta

Almeda Bradshaw - Montana

Jerry Brooks - Utah

Deb Bukala - Glade Park

Nona Kelley Carver - Mesa

Slim Farnsworth - Cedaredge

Suzi Knight - Evergreen

Tim Krebs - Dove Creek

Ray Lashley - Grand Junction

Peggy Malone - Fruita

Terry Nash - Loma

Tom Sharpe - Loma

Donny Wynkoop - Fruita




Special thanks to Ed and Lois Gardner for their support of the event. Help us keep the art of cowboy poetry alive and well here in the Grand Valley!



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