Museum at Home

Enjoy these virtual tours that highlight the items on display that make our museums special and the resources that make our region unique.  Each tour is led by our curators from Museum of the West, Dinosaur Journey, and Cross Orchards.

Curator of History David Bailey talks about the mud wagon stagecoach and what it would have been like to travel back in the Wild West and the history of the term “riding shotgun”.

Curator of History David Bailey tells us about the Buffalo Bill show coming to Grand Junction. Hear a story about two little boys who may have misspent their money, but still managed to see the big show

Let Curator David Bailey take you back in history, to the time of the Little Bookcliff Railway. A narrow gauge railway operating in the Grand Valley from 1889-1925

Ever wondered what kind of rifles mountain men used in the 1700s? Curator of History David Bailey talks about the different innovations mountain men rifles made in the early years of the fur trade.

Curator of History David Bailey talks about the Winchester case in our Thrailkill firearm collection.

Dr. Julia McHugh from  talks about what holotype fossils are and the discovery of  the dinosaur Mymorapelta.

Dr. Julia McHugh from Museums of Western Colorado’s Dinosaur Journey, talks about the defense and offense of the Mymorapelta dinosaur!

Our Curator of Education Stephanie Lukowski tells us about the unique and unprecedented finds during the 2010 Snowmass fossil excavation. Giving us insight into what life and climate would have been like in Colorado when Mastodons walked the earth.

What do you think lived in the Grand Valley during the Ice Age? Curator of Education Stephanie Lukowski shows us some Ice Age fossils we have on display at Dinosaur Journey and talks about how these species differ from the fossils found up in the iconic Snowmass dig.

Curator of Education Stephanie Lukowski talks about Ceratosaurus and the other prehistoric life found at the Fruita Paleo Area, part of the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

Learn how scientists used meteorites to age the solar system, while Dr. Julia McHugh shows you meteorites on display at Dinosaur Journey.

Dr. Julia McHugh shows us the Fruitadens on display at Dinosaur Journey, and talks about the discovery of this very small species!

Curator of Education Stephanie Lukowski talks about the Saber-Tooth Cat found at the La Brea Tar Pits and other predators from the last Ice Age.

Curator of Paleontology Dr. Julia McHugh talks about the findings from fossils collected at Mygatt-Moore Quarry and the research conducted by herself, Dr. Stephanie Drumheller (UT Knoxville), Miriam Kane (Colorado Mesa University), Anja Riedel (Colorado Mesa University), and Domenic D’Amore (Daemon College).

Dinosaur Journey Re-Opens today! And to celebrate we wanted to share a video of Dr. Julia McHugh talking amphibians. Ever noticed the large red rock base of Independence Monument?! Well, that’s the age rock these amazing creatures were discovered.

Curator of Cross Orchards Matt Darling, tells us a bit of the history behind what was once the largest fruit and land company in the valley.

Cross Orchards volunteer Kathy explains the origins of Victory Gardens and the place they can have for us today!

Cross Orchards Curator Matt Darling tells us the history of the Uintah Railway.