Dinosaur Trails

The Museums of Western Colorado co-manages several dinosaur trails with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  These sites have been the locations of important discoveries that have shaped our understanding of the past.  You can learn more about these discoveries through our virtual exhibit, Famous Fossil Sites of the Grand Valley or by visiting the trails yourself!

Trail Brochures

Dinosaur Hill Trail

Riggs Hill Trail

Dinosaur Trails in the Fruita Area

When visiting these trails it is important to visit with respect by staying on the trail and leaving fossils where you find them.  These fossils and tracks are protected under the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act (PRPA) of 2009. The act prohibits an attempt to excavate, remove, damage, or otherwise alter or deface any paleontological resources located on Federal land.  In order to collect any fossils (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates) at these sites, a proper permit must be obtained.

If you are interested in excavating fossils with our scientists at Dinosaur Journey, check out our Dinosaur Digs and Expeditions!