Specimen Cabinets Donated to Dinosaur Journey

Fifteen steel specimen cabinets were donated to the Dinosaur Journey Museum by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. During the renovations of collections spaces at DMNS, they had numerous used specimen cabinets available as surplus. Joe Sertich and James Hagadorn both reached out to our curator of paleontology, Julia McHugh, about donating a few to our museum. We heartily accepted.

Although there is not much spare room in our own collections, we will be able to retire some of our older, smaller cabinets and add these cabinets, stacked two or three tall, in their space, greatly increasing the amount of cabinet space available for our paleontological and geological collections at Dinosaur Journey. However, with dig season underway, going to Denver to pick up the cabinets became a logistical challenge. Mike Perry and Don Kerven volunteered to step in and help. They left Dinosaur Journey very early in the morning and were able to drive to Denver, pick up the cabinets, and drive back in one day. What a team! Over the next few weeks, the paleontology crew worked hard in collections to get the specimens ready for rehousing and moved into the new cabinets. We hope to have the project completed by the end of the month.