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The Museums of Western Colorado was recently gifted a family memoir and photobook from the family of John and Irena Moore. 

John and Irena Moore settled in Grand Junction in 1889. John quickly became a prominent member of the Grand Junction community and soon became the manager of the Grand Junction Fruit Grower’s Association. In 1907, John and Irena bought a ranch in Bridgeport which originally grew apples, but soon switched to peaches. John became a partner with George Emerson and started the Bridgeport Indian Rock label for peaches. In 1916, John sold the Bridgeport Ranch. 

John and Irena built several houses in Grand Junction, the most notable was at 433 N. 7th Street which was built in 1910. The house is now part of the National Historic District.  They continued to live in Grand Junction until 1920, when they moved to California.  John passed away in 1934 and was buried in Grand Junction.