Colorado Gives Day, December 4

Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Narrowing that focus locally, the Museums of Western Colorado has partnered with Grand Valley Gives, a collaboration of non–profit organizations in Mesa County, that participate in Colorado Gives Day. In 2017, the Museum partnered with Grand Valley Gives for the first time and raised $40,054.

At a time when many individuals are looking for worthwhile causes to support, the Grand Valley Gives collaboration of non-profit agencies draws attention back to the local community and the wide array of causes available in Mesa County. The collaboration believes in the importance of nonprofit agencies working together to enhance giving in our community and to ensure that our local nonprofits can continue to provide the services that are so important to Mesa County citizens. In 2017 the collaboration collectively raised over $190,000.00. This year’s goal is $200,000.00.

How do you schedule your giving? Search for a nonprofit or fundraising page on and click the orange “donate” button on their search result listing. Then enter or select the amount you want to donate. Under Donation Type, click the button “CO GIVES DAY.” Enter the details of your donation, and click “Add to Cart.”

We hope you will remember the Museum on December 4 for Colorado Gives Day!

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