Snowmass Jacket Pull – September 28, 2009

Safely Secured

After wrestling 800 pounds of dinosaur, rock, and plaster down the mountain for nearly four hours, the team paused for a photo with the field jacket chained down tight on a flatbed. Wrapped up in the rock and plaster are parts of an as yet unidentified dinosaur from the Morrison Formation in the mountains near Aspen, Colorado. 

snowmassdig1Excavated over several days spread out over the past summer, the field jacket will be prepared this fall, and we will find out (hopefully) exactly what kind of dinosaur it is. On Sept. 28 the jacket was pulled down to the trailer by winch, muscle, and Jeep and eventually secured for the trip to Fruita.

Special thanks to Bennett and Jessica Bramson for their donation of this specimen and for their hospitality during our work.


Please see the scientific article here


snowmassdig3 snowmassdig5
snowmassdig14 snowmassdig16