School Group Tours

cross-orchardsCross Orchards Historic Site


$3.50 Self Guided Tours
$4.00 Guided Tours


Experience a time gone by on the restored grounds, once a part of the Red Cross Land and Fruit Company.

If you schedule a guided tour in the fall, students will get to see apple pressing and taste a sample of fresh, pressed apple cider.

blacksmithCostumed interpreters demonstrate historic day-to-day tasks such as farming, blacksmithing, woodworking and woodstove cooking.


bunkhouseAdmission also includes these auxiliary exhibits: 

  • Swanson Collection (vintage agricultural artifacts and equipment)
  • Uintah Narrow Gauge Railway
  • G-Scale model railroad
  • “Boots” Corn Collection (road construction equipment)
  • Water Education Exhibit (an interactive exhibit demonstrating water history, use and management throughout the Grand Valley)



educator-resourcesEducator Resources
Traveling trunk kits are available for classroom use.


  • The Ancient Ones (about Native American groups across western Colorado and eastern Utah)
  • Paleontology of the Grand Valley (about fossils and the history of life in our area)

Email Robert for more information.



To schedule a tour or program, please call (970) 242-0971.