Rules for Research

General Regulations
Gilsonite Mine
    Materials will be delivered up to 30 minutes before closing. Researchers should prepare to leave the library by the posted closing time. The hours for the Research Library are 10:00AM – 4:00PM, Tuesday – Thursday. 
    All requests for research privileges and appointments must be made in advance so that the museum staff may make arrangements, assemble collections, and schedule research staff time. No researcher should assume that they can have immediate access to the collections without a scheduled appointment. Researchers are required to complete the Research Request Form in order to facilitate the process. Library staff reserves the right to restrict research on any item in its collections and may, in some instances, require and check references before a researcher is given access to materials.
    Parcels, bags, suitcases, etc. may not be taken into the research library, but are to be left in the Library check area. More specific rules may apply in individual areas. People leaving the Library are required to submit for inspection all books, bags, briefcases, and other containers.
    The collections of The Research Library have been curated for advanced information and research needs, and are for onsite use only. To request access to materials, researchers will need to fill out the Research Request Form, and describe as specifically as possible what it is they are requesting access to. Museum staff may perform very limited research. Staff research will depend upon available staff time and scope of requested research. Access to any materials is limited to those provided by staff. Library staff retain the right to refuse service/assistance to anyone. 
    Help us preserve these collections by handling them with care. After use materials are to be returned to designated points in the room.
    Do not mark, write on, or otherwise mutilate library materials. Researchers are responsible for any damage they cause to books, newspapers, records, and other materials.
    Permission to photocopy is dependent upon physical condition, donor restrictions and copyright laws. To photocopy materials consult with the appropriate Library staff member for permission and procedures.
    Library computers are configured for specific functions. Bypassing library settings, loading unauthorized software, or otherwise tampering with or changing computer configurations is prohibited.
    To use cameras, recording devices, laptops or similar equipment, consult the appropriate Library staff member for specific regulations. 
    The Library strives to provide an atmosphere that facilitates learning. Library users are required to behave in an orderly manner conducive to the proper operation of a research. Disruptive behavior such as loud or continuous talking, sleeping, smoking, eating, drinking, using personal audio/video equipment, making disturbing noises or engaging in harassing or threatening behavior is prohibited. Talking on cell phones in the Library is prohibited; cell phones should be turned off, and beepers set to vibrate. Proper attire, including shirt and shoes, is required at all times. Only service animals assisting persons with disabilities are permitted in The Research Library.
    All visitors are expected to comply with these General Regulations. Any person violating these General Regulations may be barred from The Research Library and may be subject to prosecution to the full extent permitted by law.


Can I come look through your archives/library on my own for my research project?

All research requests are curated by Library Personnel for each individual research request. Researchers are not permitted access to archival areas, nor free roam within the Research Library.

How long will it take for my Research Request to be completed?

Our average turnaround time for Research Requests is between 2-4 weeks.

Rush Orders are offered for additional fees (please see Research Fees(hyperlink)) for further details. Rush Orders are subject to availability, and are not always possible.

Do I have to be onsite to access my research materials?

Digitized copies can be made for many research requests. Digitization of materials for online access may incur additional fees. Please see our Research Fees (hyperlink) and Materials Fees (hyperlink) for more. 

Some materials may not be available for online viewing. Please fill out a Research Request Form or contact our Collections Manager for more information.

What is the difference between Restricted and Unrestricted Research Requests?

Restricted Research Requests:

  • Researchers are requesting to view specific materials.
    • Examples:
      • “I am researching Dalton Trumbo. I would like to make an appointment to read Dalton Trumbo’s book, Eclipse.”
      • “I would like to view photos of Wayne Aspinall from his time in office.”

Unrestricted Research Requests:

  • Researchers are requesting a broad range of materials/topics/etc. and/or require research from Library Personnel.
    • Examples:
      • “I am trying to find more information on my great-grandmother. Anything you can find would be very helpful.”
      • “Can you please tell me who Patterson Road is named after?”
      • “Can you tell me what buildings used to be located at the corner of 6th St. and Main St?”

Based on information you provide at the time of your request, appropriate Library Personnel will inform you whether it qualifies as an unrestricted or restricted search.

Can I get copies made of any of my requested materials?

Generally speaking, yes, you can have copies made of requested materials. However, there are additional fees and regulations related to the creation of copies. Please review the resources below for additional information.

  • Materials Fees (hyperlink)
  • Copy

Some materials may not be available for online viewing. Please fill out a Research Request Form or contact our Collections Manager for more information.

Our FAQ is consistently growing. If you do not see your answer above, please feel free to contact our Collections Manager with your question!