Introducing the MWC’s Newest Vans: Ruthie and Bette

Our 2019 Trips and Tours have just been significantly improved thanks to a wonderful donation from the Museum’s friend, Joyce Owens. Her gift has made it possible for the MWC to acquired two 2018 Ford Transit Vans. They are practically brand-new with one at 20,000 miles and the other at 7,600 miles. The passenger seats are very comfortable (bucket seats, not bench), the headroom is great, and the safety record is significantly improved over the older vans we were using. And I think those of you who go on our trips this year will discover it is much easier getting in and out of these vans and the ride is much smoother. 

Joyce has participated on many of the Museum’s trips. She has very much appreciated the travel opportunities the MWC has provided through our Trips and Tours. For this reason, Joyce donated the funds that allowed us to get these vans in honor of her sisters—Ruthie and Bette. 

Western Slope Auto also worked with us closely to make this purchase possible and we very much appreciate their efforts.