Education Kits

Our museum education kits are available for checkout! The kits come with a curriculum, teacher training materials, and artifacts that are perfect for hands-on learning. All lessons within the kits are designed to meet the most up-to-date state academic standards. Kits are available to
request during the academic year (August-May). They are not available to check out during the summer months as this is our time to update the kits. Please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page to request to borrow our education kits! 

The Original Coloradans provides students with an understanding of the peoples that inhabited the Western Slope before the arrival of the Utes. Students learn about the environments and lifeways of early inhabitants and how these changed over time. Many of the materials contained within the kit are genuine artifacts donated by the cultural resources department of the Grand Junction BLM field office.  Grade Level: 3rd-4th grade  Photos coming soon!
Clues from the Landscape allows students to study historical photographs, maps of western Colorado, and artifacts in order to assess the challenges of homesteading. In addition, students can participate in a virtual hiking experience through Dominguez Canyon where they will become familiar with ways to access public lands, focusing on respect and stewardship.  Grade Level: 3rd  Photos coming soon!
Mountain Men aims to help students understand the lives of mountain men, including their daily lives, the hardships they faced, the role their wives played in trapping, and the importance of beaver during the 19th century. Students will also be asked to distinguish between mountain man myth and real historical facts. Also contained within the kit are items for students to handle that would have been important to a mountain man’s survival.  Grade level: 4th  Photos coming soon!
Paleontology focuses on the natural history of the Grand Valley and western Colorado over the last 225 million years and beyond. Students interact with casts, 3D models, and real fossils in engaging, Next Generation Science Standards-based activities that cover topics such as geologic time, relative dating and stratigraphy, evolution, biodiversity, and mass extinctions.  Grade level: Middle SchoolPhotos coming soon!

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