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Facility Rental

Museum members receive 10% at each of our Gift Shops so join now!


Educational Items

All three sites have books! Everything from cookbooks to history, to children's story books are available. There are books on Native American history, poetry and cookbooks along with the history of our area and the west. Each site has books that are suitable for most age groups, toddlers to adults. Books by local authors are carried at all three of the Museum's gift shops.


4D Vision Puzzles by 4D Masters are available at all three sites. Your child can put together an anatomy animal. Cows to Mammoths! These are collectible quality, with a highly detailed finish; one side shows the outside of the animal and the other shows the bones and organs. These are great items for the child that is interested in how bodies work.




Our Museums feature silver jewelry, glass jewelry, lapidary and corn jewelry designed and created by local artisans. Commercial jewelry is also carried.



Fun Stuff!



Have you lost your marbles?! People really gravitate to our box of marbles, reminisce about shooting marbles, the game of "Ringer," playing for fun or "Keepsies."



Cross Times Cookin'

Every month we feature a different recipe from Cross Times Cookin' which was published to honor the 100th anniversary of Cross Orchards. Recipes were submitted by volunteers and other members of the community who have supported Cross Orchards over the years. The cookbook is available in the gift shop!


Roast Pigeon
pigeons butter stuffing wheat flour

Clean pigeons, stuff them same as chickens; leave the feet on, dip them into scalding water, strip off the skin, cross them, and tie them together below the breastbone; or cut them off. The head may remain on; if so, dip it in scalding water, and pick it clean; twist the wings back, put the liver between the right wing and the body, and turn the head under the other. Rub outside of each bird with a mixture of salt and pepper; put on a spit and put some water in the dripping pan. For each bird put a bit of butter the size of a small egg, put them before a hot fire and let them roast quickly. Baste frequently; half an hour will do them; when nearly done, dredge them with wheat flour and baste with the butter in the pan. Turn them that they may be nicely and easily browned. When done, take them up, set the pan over the fire, make a thin batter of a teaspoonful of wheat flour and cold water. When the gravy is boiling hot, stir it in; continue to stir it for a few minutes until it is brown, then pour it through a gravy sieve into a tureen, and serve with the pigeons.

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