Education News

The Museums of Western Colorado, Mesa County Valley School District 51, and the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to help students in the Grand Valley learn about the rich natural history of our area.

Allosaurus cast

enews_building the kitThe Museum is collaborating with our partners to create a traveling educational kit that will be used in seventh grade classrooms across the Grand Valley. The kit, which will debut in March, will contain casts and original fossils from BLM-administered lands throughout the Grand Valley, providing students with a unique opportunity to interact with the natural heritage of the area. Included in the kit will be full-enews_kit2sized casts of the skulls of Allosaurus and Camptosaurus, as well as parts of Coryphodon, Camarasaurus, and Ceratosaurus.

The Museum is proud to help take a leading role in educating the students of Mesa County about the amazing prehistoric past that is on display at Dinosaur Journey and at various BLM sites across the region.

enews_kit and educator 

Above left: The restoration of Skully, our education Allosaurus, is complete! The cast had been glued and the holes repaired. It was given a base coat of black paint, the teeth were given a gloss coat to match the original fossil, and the skull bones detailed with a dry brush. It is now ready to have a cradle made and go into our education kit!

Above right: Building the kit

Please note: Educator at left is not included with the kit.