Wish Granted

In July of this year, we had a very special family join our dig crew at the Mygatt-Moore Quarry. The young, six-year old Vincenzo was battling cancer. It took a long time, but his doctor said it was okay for him to travel and the family reached out through a law firm to the museum – Vincenzo had a wish. He wanted to dig up a dinosaur. The firm was taking care of the family and providing them everything they needed to make his wish come true and the Museums of Western Colorado was all to happy to do our part.

They joined us for a half-day dig at the quarry. Vincenzo loved it! We gave him a magnifying glass (called a hand lens) and he was so excited to look through it at each and every piece of bone and rock. He would proudly declare to his father what was and was not a bone after he examined it. We wanted to make it extra special for the family, so we surprised them with ice cream after their dig. According to Vincenzo: it was a great day, and he didn’t have to even be brave like he does for shots. We were so happy they chose to share this little boy’s wish with us. We wish him a speedy recovery!