Thank You to our Sponsors From the First Half of 2016

The Museums of Western Colorado has been working very hard to bring the Western Slope an exciting array of educational, entertaining and family focused programming. Our hope is that you have attended and enjoyed one or more of our programs. The generosity of sponsors makes many of our programming efforts possible. The Museums of Western Colorado would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued generosity and for enabling us to fulfill our mission to Discover, Preserve, and Share the Rich History of the Grand Valley for generations to come!

If you get a chance, please say thank you to these great companies, organizations and people. We are looking forward to seeing you and our sponsors at our upcoming programs and events.

Fun and Games on the Western Slope: 2016 Heritage Rendezvous Exhibition

• U.S. Bank—Title Sponsor

• NewsChannel 5

• Brent & Dana Prosser

• Palisade Historical Society

Native American Arts Auction

• Burnham Trading Company—Title Sponsor

• Horizon Drive Business Improvement District

• Grand Vista Hotel

50th Anniversary Open House

• Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & Co., P.C.—Title Sponsor

Western Colorado Weaponry: Tools of Survival and Conflict

• Whitewater Building Materials—Title Sponsor

• Whitewater Hill Vineyard & Winery

• NewsChannel 5

• Lois & Edward Gardner

Tyrannosaurus rex and the End of the ‘Age of Dinosaurs’

• US Bank—Title Sponsor

• Chevron

• FCI Constructors Inc.

• Whitewater Hill Vineyard & Winery

• NewsChannel 5

• City of Fruita

• Teresa & Dean Christian Unfug

• Your Sign Company

Dinosaur Day

• Alpine Bank—Title Sponsor

• FCI Constructors Inc.

• Chevron

• HomeLoan Insurance partnering Nationwide

• City of Fruita

• NewsChannel 5

• Jerry Hamilton

• Pablos Pizza

• 5M Ice Cream

Explore It! Spring Break Enrichment Camp

• Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Office

• Mesa County Valley School District #51

MWC Educational Outreach Kits

• Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Office

• Mesa County Valley School District #51

• Grand Junction Rotary Club

• Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Cross Orchards Apple Trees

• Martha Counts

• Mildred & Clayton Dause

• Sandy Knapp

• Anamae & John Richmond

• Judy Shelp

Cross Orchards Parking Lot Resurfacing

• Mesa Country Highway Department


• Family Health West

• St. Mary’s Hospital

Museum of the West

• Barbara & Garry Brewer

• Daughters of the American Revolution

• Marie Tipping

Dinosaur Journey

• City of Fruita

• Chuck Safris

The MWC’s Anthropological and Paleontological Collection

• Bureau of Land Management

The Museums of Western Colorado

• Mesa County