New Era for Replanting our Past

The New Year has come, and it brings a return to our past. Cross Orchards has not seen new trees in over 20 years. However, 2016 brings in new hope for our Museums. The first new apple trees to be replanted have now been ordered and shipped. They were received downtown the beginning of March and brought to Cross the next day. March 4th started a new Era for replanting our past.

saplingThe trees that are being planted go back to the original varieties that Cross Orchard had in early 1900s. Those varieties—Ben Davis, Jonathan, and Rome Beauty—were the first three ordered. Seven new trees have been planted so far with commitment of more trees later in year. Black Twig and more Jonathan trees are our next step for the fall planting season. This new crop will help to revise the older population of trees at the historic farm.

All this is has come about from the donations from people sponsoring replacement of trees. For each tree sponsored those people will be acknowledged with the trees being signed with their names. In the future, it would be an honor to dedicate the entire orchard to our supporters. It keeps the past alive and well, for the future generations.

Thanks to these tree sponsors:

Martha Counts and Pete Romot

Mildred and Clayton Dause

Grace and Emma Gardner

Sandi Pittenger

Anamae Richmond

Judy Shelp

It is not too late to help with the replanting of historic trees at Cross Orchards. For $50 you, too, can sponsor an apple tree replacement. If interested, contact Taylor Barnett, Dan Rosenbaum, or Carla Hatch.

Thank you for all your support, Dan Rosenbaum.