MWC’s New Strategic Plan: Moving Forward into the Next 50 Years

“Creating that place visitors bring their guest to — First.”

With a great sense of pride, I would like to announce that this past month, the Board passed a new Strategic Plan and Vision for the MWC — “Moving Forward.”

One fact the Strategic Plan recognizes from the outset is that, for half a century, the MWC has been a strong and valued institution, successfully fulfilling its mission and living up to the ideals set forth by the community it serves. To those who have supported the Museums as dedicated members, donors, volunteers, board, and staff leaders – to you! – I say a most sincere thank you.

The Board of Directors and I now appeal to these same friends of MWC to propel the institution forward through its next 50 years. “Moving Forward” is the MWC’s Strategic Plan for 2016 and beyond. “Moving Forward” is far more than a document; it is an ongoing process of discussion and decision making, largely driven by the environmental realities of cultural institutions in 21st Century America. The MWC has engaged its leadership and the broader community to examine both the challenges and opportunities that lie in the future, and the need for change. We have assessed the MWC’s programming and the organization’s current and projected assets and resources. The process is thoughtful and intentional, and requires making hard decisions regarding issues such as facilities and their optimal geographic location, programmatic expansion and operational consolidation, fiscal sustainability, and, of course, responsiveness to community desires and demands.

Ultimately, “Moving Forward” is a process to ensure that the future includes a MWC that is thriving and serving its community well.

This plan document provides a road map to guide the MWC in putting into action its new Mission and Vision, its Promises to the Community, and its programmatic and administrative Goals and Objectives. “Moving Forward” brings forth one of the MWC’s most important promises: To be the major Western Slope heritage institution that encourages younger generations to learn about our past.

Everyone who participated in the Planning Process did a great job and I really appreciate your dedication and hard work. True, the future is a bit daunting, but it is also very exciting. I am sure that in working together, the MWC will come out a true leader in Western Colorado heritage (pre-historic and historic).

Peter MacMillan Booth, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Museums of Western Colorado