Introducing Our New Site Logos: Unique but Unified

We are proud to introduce to our members and friends the new logo designs for Cross Orchards, Dinosaur Journey, Museum of the West, and Loyd Files Research Library. These are not replacing the current Museums of Western Colorado (MWC) logo. On the contrary, the intent is to help strengthen the image of the MWC as well as bring positive attention to each of the unique sites.

The MWC museum facilities—Cross Orchards, Dinosaur Journey, Museum of the West, and Loyd Files Research Library—are unique and special places, and the MWC is honored to be caring for these Mesa County treasures. However, the community is not fully aware that the separate sites are associated with the MWC. While these sites have attractive logos that are well designed, those images are building the idea that the facilities are separate from the MWC.    

Very often, we get comments that people did not know Cross Orchards, Dinosaur Journey, and Museum of the West are associated with each other. Similarly, researchers sometimes are unaware that the Loyd Files Research Library is part of the MWC. On occasion, they even think the MWC’s research library is part of the Mesa County Public Libraries’ system. As the MWC moves forward in its Discover Together outreach campaign, we need visitors as well as Mesa County citizens and voters to know the entire extent of all the benefits the MWC brings to the Grand Valley and western Colorado. 

The goal with the newly designed site logos is to build an attractive brand that helps construct that awareness of each site’s connection to the MWC.  The intent is that new site logos will highlight something unique to the locations—the barn for Cross Orchards, the Ceratosaurus for Dinosaur Journey, the stagecoach for Museum of the West, and the book for the Loyd Files Research Library. We are reinforcing the idea that these unique sites are part of a larger museum by using a similar font and the colors found in the current MWC logo. 

These new site logos were developed by a Colorado Mesa University Mass Communications & Marketing Intern, Brett Baroffio, who graduated last spring. We want to thank Brett for his efforts and we hope to use his services in the future.