Discover Together

by Peter Booth, Executive Director

I recently had a conversation with staff about Museums of Western Colorado’s strengths. While I personally am proud of our exhibits, trips and digs, archives and collections, volunteers and plenty more, the discussion made it clear to us that one of our greatest strengths is our many partnerships in the community.

The MWC truly is a community-based museum. We were created by the community, and continue to be both strengthened and supported by the community. These community roots are embodied by our mission – “Striving to preserve the community’s heritage and tell the community’s story.”

MWC benefits – and benefits from – a breadth of strong and longstanding partnerships, including those with…

• Mesa County Valley School District #51, working together with MWC to develop/provide educational programming and outreach kits for students

Colorado Mesa University, greatly strengthening MWC’s paleontology research and programmatic offerings

• Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Field Office and the U.S. Forest Service, both being significant to preserving the cultural and paleontological resources of surrounding/nearby public lands

• U.S. Department of Energy, preserving our unique local legacy of and contribution to The Manhattan Project

• History Colorado’s Pillar Program, supporting the preservation of Colorado’s heritage as found in the collections of small museums throughout the state

• local businesses who sponsor the presentation of MWC exhibitions and programs

• other Western Slope museums that cooperate to present MWC’s annual Heritage Rendezvous exhibition, and local heritage-based groups (Mesa County Historical Society, Palisade Historical Society and others) so vital to promoting our local history

• City of Fruita, proudly providing Dinosaur Journey a home

• Mesa County citizens, whose support has helped to create and maintain our world-class museum

• and many more.

The Museum’s staff and leadership want to celebrate these partnerships and the cooperative progress they represent. However, we also want to recognize that the largest partnership is with you—our members and friends.

• It is your attendance at events and participation in our programs that ultimately makes MWC a vital part of the Mesa County’s community.

• It is your support that positions us to educate others.

• It is your bringing of visitors to a MWC site that boosts our local economy.

• And it is your belief in the value of heritage that allows the Museum to continue the imperative work of preservation.

Please join us in this celebration of partnership! And, we invite your commitment to carry forth the tradition of working together to preserve our community’s heritage and tell our community’s story. Working together, discovering together. Please, come “Discover Together” with MWC!