2018 Colorado Gives and the Year End Giving Campaign

We are extremely pleased and thankful to everyone who supported the Museums of Western Colorado during 2018 Colorado Gives Day and the Year End Giving Campaign. At press time, we were approaching a $50,000 total with the two combined—and more donations are still coming in. These donations are key to keeping the strength and effectiveness of the Museums of Western Colorado. 

Thank you to the following donors:

Numerous Anonymous Donors

Judy and Don Allerheiligen

Alpine Archaeological Consultants 

Tina and Drew Armstrong

Jennie and Jake Aubert

Wendy and Roger Bain

Debra and David Bailey

Dennis and Arlene Baker

Susan and Harry Benjamin

Donna and Richard Bettencourt

Edward Blau

Bennett Boeschenstein and Elizabeth Rowan

Barbara Bowman and Wayne Allen

Robbie and Chuck Breaux

Holly and Robert Brownson

Judy and George Callison

Bill Caster

June and John Colosimo

Randall Cupp

Mildred and Clayton Dause

Linda Dittman

Gary Dorosz and Cathy Theobald

Sandra Ducray

Beverly and Robert Elliott

Margery and Norm Fillinger

Jim Finch

Jane and William Findlay

Debb and Mark Francis

Lois and Edward Gardner

Joan and David George

Judith and Gerald Geske

Lynne Habberfield

Betty Hall

Kelli and Jerry Hamilton

Rebecca Harris

Sherron Helms and Stan McNeese

Home Loan Investment Co. 

Leigh Ann Hunt

Jennifer James

Lois and Merritt Kinsey

Karma Kriz

Don MacKendrick

Curtis Martin and Marsha Kosteva 

Karen McGuirk-Terrill

Carole Moritz

Gloria Nedved

Frank Nemanich

Marilyn and William Nielsen

Amy Nuernberg and Owen O’Fallon

Bonnie and Orville Petersen

Randy Pifer

Wanda Putnam

Susan Rawlins

Catherine Robertson

Brenda Sabo

Janet  Scheevel

Marilyn Schiveley

Tammy and Jon Schler

Heidi Schoenstein

William Scott

Angela Sharpe-Gumbert

Judy and Bob Silbernagel

Suwannee and Anchalee Smith

Verne Smith

Katie and Doug Steele

Joy and Dick Swerdfeger

Meg and Bill Thornton

Gail and Barry Tuohig

Priscilla Walker

Carol Watson

George ‘Mickey’ Wheeler

Donna and Bud Winslow

Mary and Hugh Wise

Jean Yale

Deana and Cody Znamenacek


Note: We are still getting donations, so we envisioning this list growing.