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On Site Education Program

Dinosaur JourneyDinosaur Journey Museum

$3.50 Self Guided Tours
$4.00 Guided Tours







A great diversity of dinosaurs has been discovered right here in western Colorado - and our Museum is located right in the heart of it! Come and enjoy the educational exhibits, realistic robotic dinosaurs and a working
paleontological laboratory.


Observe articulated dinosaur skeletons, including the fullsize Camarasaurus above you as you first enter, stand next to a Brachiosaurus arm bone, view a documentary on dinosaurs of North America, experience the sensation of
a 5.4 earthquake, examine Velociraptor - did it really have feathers? Watch lab technicians prepare bones excavated from nearby quarries and uncover real bones in the kids' quarry.


In addition, we offer guided tours of the Museum as well as the following outdoor sites:

  • Rabbit Valley Research Natural Area featuring The Trail Through Time
  • Riggs Hill
  • Dinosaur Hill
  • Fruita Paleontological Area



To schedule a tour or program, please call (970) 242-0971.

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550 Jurassic Court
Fruita, CO


Monday - Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday Noon to 4 pm


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