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Loyd Files Research Library

Fun Dino Facts


School Programs

Education and Outreach Programs

School ProgramsStaff and docents are available to provide enriching educational experiences in your classroom.

Artifacts, slides, models and maps are used to involve students in interactive learning. Rates vary according to presentation and group size. Call for a complete list of available programs.


We have the following programs available:

  • Archaeology of the Grand Valley
  • Cast a Dinosaur
  • Dinosaurs and Geology of Western Colorado
  • Life Before the Dinosaurs
  • Mammals of North America
  • The Grand Valley in Pictures
  • The World of Rocks and Minerals
  • Turn of the 20th Century Toys

Our loan materials are available, at no charge, for one week.

  • Antique Toy Truck
  • Birds of Prey
  • Cattle in Colorado History
  • Colorado Gold Rush
  • Dinosaur Box
  • Fossil Box
  • Grand Valley History

To schedule a tour or program, please call (970) 242-0971.


On-Site Education Programs Available

Cross Orchards Location

Cross Orchards Historic Site

Step back in time and experience early life in the Grand Valley



Dinosaur Journey Quick LinkDinosaur Journey

Get your dinosaur fix at the Dinosaur Journey museum located in Fruita Colorado


Museum of the West

Museum of the West, Sterling T. Smith Educational Tower, and

Loyd Files Research Library

3 Museum Combination



School Tours

Whitman Educational Center
248 S. Fourth St.
This historic building housed the Museum of Western Colorado from 1966 to 1999; it now contains administrative offices, meeting rooms and classrooms. The beautifully restored classrooms are available for rent at non-profit rates.


Historic Downtown Grand Junction Walking Tours
Enjoy a one hour stroll through Grand Junction's past complete with fascinating historic details about the people, events and businesses that have made the city what it is today.



Paleontology Tours
Rabbit Valley Research Natural Area
30 miles west of Grand Junction
Location of the Mygatt-Moore Quarry
The Trail Through Time (1.5 mile) features dinosaur bone and plant fossil exposures.



Riggs Hill
South Broadway & Meadows Way (Redlands)
Location of the first Brachiosaurus discovered in 1900
The trail (.75 mile) leads to the historic quarry & provides an excellent view of the Grand Valley's geology.



Dinosaur Hill
Highway 340, South of I-70 (Fruita)
The scenic hiking trail (1 mile) goes past the location of the Apatosaurus which was collected in 1901 by Chicago's Field Columbian Museum.


To schedule a tour or program, please call (970) 242-0971.







Upcoming Events

Dino Digs
  • Jurassic Gladiator Pit One Day Dig - May 22
  • Jurassic Gladiator Pit One Day Dig - May 30
  • Jurassic Gladiator Pit One Day Dig - June 4
  • Jurassic Gladiator Pit One Day Dig - June 6
  • Jurassic Gladiator Pit One Day Dig - June 9

  • Lectures and Programs
  • Mid-Mesozoic Conference
  • Changing Landscapes of Science Lecture - Geology VII
  • May Oral History Program
  • May After Hours Program
  • Cross Orchards Kid's Camp I

  • Special Events
  • Spring Day on the Farm
  • Old Fossil Classic Golf Tournament

  • Trips and Tours
  • The Lemon Squeezer: Introduction to Canyoneering
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison North Rim Hike
  • Great Trails of the West: Santa Fe Trail
  • Canyonlands Jet Boat Tour
  • Aspen Walking Tour
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