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Dinosaur Hill

Elmer Riggs' Discovery at Dinosaur Hill

Elmer Riggs expedition  1900In 1900 Elmer Riggs, from what is now known as the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago (in Riggs' day it was the Field Columbian Museum), discovered the bones of a 70 foot long, 30 ton Apatosaurus at Dinosaur Hill. He returned in 1901 with a crew and removed what turned out to be a major part of this dinosaur. Riggs transported the skeleton to Chicago where it has been on exhibit since 1908.


Apatosaurus at Field MuseumIn 1991 and 1992 local paleontologists with mining crews reentered and expanded the mine on the southeastern side of Dinosaur Hill. They found tools used by Riggs' crew and four Apatosaurus bones (three tail chevrons and a rib segment).





Highway 340, South of I-70 (Fruita)

The one mile scenic hiking trail goes past the location of the Apatosaurus collected in 1901.

Did you know...


Apatosaurus means deceptive lizard.


Apatosaurus was a really large quadruped with a long neck and long whip-like tail. They were probably about 85' long - that's longer than two school buses!


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