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History of the Grand Valley

Enjoy a photographic journey through the history of our valley!

Grand Junction History Timeline showcases some truly remarkable photographic images. Most of these were taken by long-time professional photographers such as Frank Dean and Bob Grant, and talented current-day photographers including Christopher Tomlinson, Gretel Daugherty, John Hedrick, Al Ligrani, Dave Canaday and Debbie Hartelrode. Each photograph can be enlarged for better viewing. An extensive bibliography and timeline are additional elements that make the site a "must see" for educators and all others interested in local history.


Here, too, you can learn about Grand Junction's neighboring communities, Fruita and Palisade.


Last but not least, find out more about the infamous "Colorado Cannibal" - Alferd Packer.


The site is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to present an overview of local history. As the Museum receives new information, photographs and funding, our goal is to maintain it as a dynamic and ever-changing site. Please contact the Museum or Historical Society if you would like to be involved either as a contributor of information or financial support.




Grand Junction History Timeline

Begin your time travel through more than 130 years of history



The timeline is divided by decade beginning in 1880. (A pre-1880s component has also been added to help explain some of the region's unique topography and pre-settlement history.) It incorporates eight subject areas per decade.


These topics are:

  • People
  • Community
  • Business
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Culture
  • Recreation


Alfred PackerAlferd Packer

Learn all about the infamous Alferd Packer. Solving the American West's greatest mystery: Was Alferd Packer Innocent of Murder?

Mesa County Historical Society

The Mesa County Historical Society is a non-profit, educational organization created in 1975 to provide a forum for individuals and groups interested in history, especially that of Mesa County and vicinity. It stimulates interest in regional history by working to ensure its collection and preserve preservation.

The Society holds general membership meetings six times a year. Prior to each meeting, members receive a bi-monthly newsletter. Other publications The Valley of Nature's Richest Flavors, a reprint of an early Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce booklet, and The Bulls and the Bees, which features early recollections of the Plateau Valley Area. Valley Echoes, an occasional publication is the most recent.


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