New Exhibit Opens in January at Dinosaur Journey

We are excited to announce the opening of a new exhibit at Dinosaur Journey in Fruita this January: Jurassic Giant. This exhibit features the largest, most complete Apatosaurus femur (thigh bone) ever found. This massive, 6’ 4” long femur was discovered at the Mygatt-Moore Quarry by museum volunteers during a dino dig in 2010. After five summers of excavation, years of preparation in the Dinosaur Journey Paleo Lab, and careful planning, this massive bone is finally on display.

This massive bone is the centerpiece in an exhibit that conveys a sense of size and scale in the largest animals to ever walk the Earth – the Sauropod Dinosaurs. Examine this humongous bone and compare it to the smallest Apatosaurus femur found at the same site, a 20-inch long juvenile femur. Then stand against our large mural and see how you measure up against the to-scale drawings of the giant and juvenile Apatosaurus from Mygatt-Moore Quarry. Also, on display in this exhibit are a cast of a sauropod egg from Argentina and a sculpture of a tiny hatchling baby Apatosaurus. Visit the exhibit to learn how a tiny hatchling was able to survive against Jurassic predators and grow into one of the largest animals of its time.

We are excited to open this new, permanent exhibit at Dinosaur Journey. You can find the Jurassic Giant exhibit near the Allosaurus skeleton and spitting dinosaur displays. Funding for this exhibit was generously donated by U.S. Bank.