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Paleontology of the Past

Elmer Riggs’ Discovery at Dinosaur Hill In 1900 Elmer Riggs, from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, discovered what is now the bones of a 70 foot long, 30 ton Apatosaurus at Dinosaur Hill. He returned in 1901 with a crew and removed what turned out to be a major part of this [...]

He’s HERE!

Fruitadens, the Smallest Plant Eating Dinosaur in the World! A small but excited crowd was given the pleasure of being the first to see Fruitadens today at Dinosaur Journey. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Fruitadens is the latest sensation in the Grand Valley. Discovered in 1976 by George Callison, Fruitadens is the [...]

Snowmass Dig

Safely Secured: After wrestling 800 pounds of dinosaur, rock, and plaster down the mountain for nearly four hours, the team pauses for a photo with the field jacket chained down tight on a flatbed. Wrapped up in the rock and plaster are parts of an as yet unidentified dinosaur from the Morrison Formation in the [...]


Don’t forget that Dino DAZE are this weekend!  The fun starts with a VIP reception at Dinosaur Journey Museum Friday, July 24 at 6:30 pm. After the reception there will be a street dance with Ralph Dinosaur and the Fabulous Volcanoes! And it’s FREE! The Fruita Rotary Club will be selling libations. Then, Saturday morning, [...]

Extended Moab Dig

Day one: During our first day we traveled through Colorado National Monument and became acquainted with some of the local geology, similar to what we would see once we arrived in Moab. We also took a trip out to Cactus Park to see a Jurassic dinosaur track site, where dinosaurs walked on a wet, sandy [...]

From Field to Collections and Study

Thus far we have not collected anything large that requires preparation (or removing the fossil from its surrounding rock and stabilizing the remains). Most of the remains we have collected have been relatively small (that will change this summer), consisting of small isolated bone pieces and a few hundred trilobites. We thought we would show a few of the trilobite [...]

Trilobite Trip: The Locals

Meet Thor, the Chuckwalla, a resident of the Marble Mountains who ambled past our quarries and posed for his portrait.  

Trilobite Trip II: The Return to Marble Mountains

So, you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to learn more about our trip, haven’t you?  Enjoy the photos from ReBecca.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

Trilobite Trip

We are headed out to the Marble Mountains of California to collect trilobites from the Lower Cambrian Latham Shale, below cliffs of Chambless Limestone. Last April the Museum took a collecting trip out and came back with more than 147 specimens for the Museum collections. While trilobites are invertebrates and are legally collectible from BLM land (reasonable amounts [...]

Museum Research Reveals Small Size of Dino-companion Mammals

We’ve known for years that the 20+ types of mammals that are found along side the dinosaurs in the Morrison Formation in western North America are small, but how small? In the Grand Valley, most of our dinosaurs, such as Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, and Apatosaurus, come from the Morrison Formation, a layer of rock well exposed along the base of [...]