Cross Orchards Kids’ Camp – Session I

A perfect way to ring in the first day of summer – Cross Orchards Summer Camp!

The weather was great – sunny but not too hot. We start the day out with a flag ceremony and end it by taking the flag down. Garry Brewer and Bill Buvinger, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, come out on the first day of each session to share history about uniforms, flags, etc.

Today we will be making toys with volunteer John McLellan, learning how to yoyo, playing marbles, checking out the Uintah caboose, learning how to use a compass and comparing it to a GPS, checking out the model railroad exhibit, planting with volunteer Pat Hogue and learning about animals from Alfredo Yslas, Cross Orchards’ caretaker. Wow – so much fun!

Cross Orchards Summer Camp is for kids ages 7-11 and offered in conjunction with Grand Junction Parks and Recreation. We have 2 more sessions of Summer Camp coming up. For more information, check out our Summer Camp page here.

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