Inaugural “Palisade Reflections” – July 17

Jordan's Inn, Palisade, Colorado

The Palisade Historical Society will hold the inaugural “Palisade Reflections” program on Saturday, July 17 at 9:30 a.m. at the Veteran’s Memorial Community Center in Palisade. Long-time residents Bill Floryancic, Lucille (Phillips) Floryancic, Bill Beckwith, and Ed Maurer, Shirley (Rowley) Maurer will share their knowledge and memories to create a detailed map showing the locations of businesses, historic homes and other interesting places in the Palisade area.

“Informally, we’ve been calling this program retail archaeology,” explained Palisade Historical Society Director John Galloway, AIA, who is also principal of Wagner/Galloway Architects, LLC, with offices in Palisade. Galloway is creating maps of the Palisade area for the program to facilitate discussion and accurately record where businesses, historic homes, and other places of interest have been located over the years.

The program is the first in a series designed to collect historic information and memories about Palisade. “We welcome people who are interested in learning more about their community and want to keep history alive in Palisade,” he continued.

The Maurers, Bill Beckwith, and Lucille grew up in Palisade. Bill Floryancic is a long time resident and has initiated several projects to capture Palisade’s history, including the Walking Tour and displays of historic photos in the Wine Country Inn. Bill Beckwith is also Treasurer of the Palisade Historical Society.

Another special guest at the July 17th program is Bill Floryancic’s grandson, Kirk Bunte, who wrote “A History of Rapid Creek” while attending Mesa College. Kirk is an advisory consultant for higher education software and employed by Sungard Higher Education. He currently lives with his family in Exton, PA.

Breakfast pastries, compliments of Mary Lincoln’s world famous Slice O’ Life Bakery, 105 West 3rd Street in Palisade (where the Elberta Theater was formerly located) will be provided.


The Palisade Historical Society evolved from a sub-committee of the Palisade Chamber of Commerce, was incorporated as a non-profit organization in March, and recently filed an application for Federal tax-exempt status. The mission of the Palisade Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and communicate the unique history of Palisade, Colorado, and to foster, encourage, stimulate, and develop public appreciation of this history.

Everyone in the community is invited to join the Palisade Historical Society-through volunteer time with committees and projects, including the Oral History Program, Fundraising, Programs, and the booth at Peach Fest-and annual membership, which starts at $25.00. Donations are encouraged to help underwrite the costs of planned projects including, identifying and inventorying historical items, creating interpretive signs, getting the Palisade Tribune digitized for the Colorado Historic Newspapers project, and finding a secure, climate-controlled storage for the collection. The Palisade Historical Society is partnering with the Western Colorado Interpretive Association so donors can receive a tax-deduction by making checks payable to the WCIA, writing Palisade Historical Society on the check, and mailing it to P.O. Box 631, Palisade, CO   81526.

In addition to John Galloway and Bill Beckwith, other Directors of the Palisade Historical Society include Doris Butler, Richard Mathews, Harry Talbott, and Priscilla Walker.

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