Character Forged in Conflict – Abraham Lincoln

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 Abraham Lincoln: The Power of the Spoken Word Portrayed by George Frein, Ph.D. Everybody knows that Abraham Lincoln was President during the Civil War. It is not so well known that he spent most of his time and energy while in office as a writer and orator. His words were the chief power of his administration. He labored over his speeches, knowing that not getting his words right would cost men … Read More

Character Forged in Conflict – Eleanor Roosevelt

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 Hammering Out Human Rights: Eleanor Roosevelt at the United Nations Portrayed by Susan Marie Frontczak Besides being the longest serving First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt was an American politician, diplomat, and activist. One of her biggest challenges was as the US Representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. In this capacity, President Truman dubbed her the “First Lady of the World.” Eleanor Roosevelt speaks of the … Read More

Character Forged In Conflict – Jefferson Davis

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 Jefferson Davis: Patriot or Traitor? Portrayed by Doug A. Mishler Vilified in the south for decades as a coward and tyrant who lost the war for General Lee; damned for a century as the quintessential evil slave owner and one of America’s great traitors, Jefferson Davis is a character who has always generated more passion than insight. While a simple man in many ways, Davis was also remarkable. Davis graduated from … Read More

Character Forged in Conflict – Nikita Khrushchev

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 The Fiercest Cold Warrior: Nikita Khrushchev Portrayed by Doug A. Mishler Often remembered merely as a blowhard or a buffoon for his surreal kitchen debate with Nixon in 1959 or his petulant shoe pounding at the UN, in fact, Khrushchev was never a joke. Khrushchev followed a long and very colorful path to become arguably the most crucial figure opposing the West during the Cold War—certainly his Cuban missile adventure almost … Read More

Two Rivers Chautauqua

TRC 2016

Chautauq…What???? History and Family Fun — Rolled Into One! Two Rivers Chautauqua, “Character Forged in Conflict” aims to bring history to life in the most fun and enjoyable way! Join us on Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th for this unique event that provides attendees with the opportunity to interact with Chautauquans. Chautauq…what????? A Chautauquan is a scholar who portrays a significant figure in our history by delivering an unscripted dramatic monologue in costume … Read More

Thanking Our Mesa County Commissioners

Year in and year out, Mesa County citizens have been the largest supporters of the Museums of Western Colorado (MWC). Thanks to a 1974 ballot initiative, Mesa County voters expressed their desire by a 5 to 1 margin that the county should help fund what is now the Museums of Western Colorado. While a specific amount of money was not designated, for the most part the County Commissioners have honored this vote. Despite the County’s … Read More

Thank You to our Sponsors From the First Half of 2016

The Museums of Western Colorado has been working very hard to bring the Western Slope an exciting array of educational, entertaining and family focused programming. Our hope is that you have attended and enjoyed one or more of our programs. The generosity of sponsors makes many of our programming efforts possible. The Museums of Western Colorado would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued generosity and for enabling us to fulfill our mission … Read More

From Our Collections – Placerville Post Office

One of the largest artifacts in the Museum of the West’s history collections is the Placerville Post Office. The post office was acquired by the museum from the town of Placerville, Colorado, in 1986. The first Placerville post office opened in 1878, and Elizabeth Benson was the first postmaster. Postmasters in those days often opened up post offices in their own homes. In 1934, the new post office opened in a separate building in Placerville. … Read More

Intern Conducts Collection Research At “Body Farm”

Few people may be aware that Grand Junction is home to one of six “body farms” in the United States. Known as the Forensic Investigation Research Stations (FIRS), it is operated as part of Colorado Mesa University under the direction Dr. Melissa Connor. FIRS consists of an outdoor space on an acre of land surrounded by privacy fencing and an indoor facility that includes a classroom, wet lab/morgue, walk-in cooler, in-take area, office, and secure … Read More

Those Darn Dinosaur Bones Take Up So Much Room!

BLM and the City of Fruita Fund Collections Space at Dinosaur Journey Summertime is always busy at Dinosaur Journey. This year, we are kicking things into Ultra-High Gear, since High Gear is now in the rear-view mirror. This spring, the Museums of Western Colorado received a ~$50,000 grant from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to enhance our physical capabilities in specimen and artifact preservation. We are thrilled to be given this opportunity to upgrade … Read More