Cross Orchards Historic Site Welcomes Farm and Ranch Market

GRAND JUNCTION, CO – The Museums of Western Colorado (MWC) and The Farm and Ranch Market (F.A.R.M.) are partnering to host the market at Cross Orchards Historic Site from June through October. Formerly held in the Teller Arms Shopping Center parking lot, F.A.R.M. will now take place at Cross Orchards every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 7:30 a.m. to noon. “The Farm and Ranch Market would like to thank MWC and the many churches, businesses, … Read More

MWC’s 50th Anniversary Grand Opening

The Museum of Arts and Sciences officially became a nonprofit, cultural institution in October of 1965 with the adoption of its articles of incorporation. The museum supporters worked throughout that winter and into the next spring turning the former Whitman School into a museum. With the help of Dr. Samuel A. Dulany Hunter’s Foundation, an East Wing was added to the former Mesa County Valley School District facility. Then on May 1, 1966, the new … Read More

Heritage Awards Recap

The Museums of Western Colorado celebrated the annual Heritage Awards Tuesday, March 1st at Dinosaur Journey. These awards are an opportunity for the Museum to thank organizations and members of the community that have contributed to the understanding and preservation of Mesa County and Western Slope heritage. Some of the honorees have contributed directly to the Museum ability to fulfill its mission of discovering, preserving, and sharing Mesa County history; others are honored for their … Read More

Dinosaur Journey Gets a Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, time to sweep out exhibits and scrub down the dinosaurs – it’s the I ♥ Dinos Spring Cleaning Event at Dinosaur Journey. On Monday, February 22nd, twenty museum staff, volunteers, interns, and board members rolled up their sleeves and helped clean the Dinosaur Journey exhibit hall. We are very grateful to have such a strong showing at the clean up; it’s a big museum and we certainly could not … Read More

Revitalization Begins on the Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway

The Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway is one of the few scenic byways in America to span two states – Utah and Colorado. The byway connects Price, Vernal and Moab, Utah with Fruita, Colorado and travels through some of the most beautiful country in the region. First designated as a state scenic byway in Colorado in 1997, the Utah segment (also known as the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Byway) was designated in 1998. The entire route (both … Read More


While creating a new Strategic Plan, the MWC commissioned a survey of the opinions of Mesa County voters. A professional polling company conducted the survey and received sufficient responses to generate some very reliable and significant results. We discovered that local residents hold the Museums in very high esteem. A series of questions asked if the respondent felt the MWC did a good job in areas including heritage preservation, education, culture, and economic development. The … Read More

MWC’s New Strategic Plan: Moving Forward into the Next 50 Years

“Creating that place visitors bring their guest to — First.” With a great sense of pride, I would like to announce that this past month, the Board passed a new Strategic Plan and Vision for the MWC — “Moving Forward.” One fact the Strategic Plan recognizes from the outset is that, for half a century, the MWC has been a strong and valued institution, successfully fulfilling its mission and living up to the ideals set … Read More

Education News

The Museums of Western Colorado, Mesa County Valley School District 51, and the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to help students in the Grand Valley learn about the rich natural history of our area. The Museum is collaborating with our partners to create a traveling educational kit that will be used in seventh grade classrooms across the Grand Valley. The kit, which will debut in March, will contain casts and original fossils from … Read More

Belle Starr portrayed by Karen Vuranch

Belle Starr, The Bandit Queen By Karen Vuranch The phrase The Wild West describes a unique time and place in American history. There were many people who embodied the spirit of the Old West and one of those larger than life characters is Belle Starr. Known as The Bandit Queen or The Petticoat Terror of the Plains, Belle Starr has taken her place in history among the outlaws and desperados of what was then known as The Wild West. It … Read More

Huey Long Portrayed by Chuck Chalberg

Huey Long, an American original By John (Chuck) Chalberg Huey Pierce Long was an American original. Fascinating and flamboyant, he shot across Louisiana and ultimately across the country before being shot to death in September of 1935. The political machine that he created was far less original. Designed to advance his interests, as well as those of his constituents, it was extraordinarily effective, even if it was shot through with corruption of the very ordinary … Read More